Prayer to Saint Rocco

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Prayer to Saint Rocco

O Great St. Rocco, deliver us,

we beseech thee,

from the scourges of God;

through thy Intercessory,

preserve our bodies from contagious diseases,

and our souls from the contagion of sin.

Obtain for us salubrious air;

but, above all, purity of heart.

Assist us to make good use of health,

to bear suffering with patience;

and, after thy example,

to live in the practice of penance and charity,

that we may one day enjoy the happiness

which thou has merited by thy virtues.

- St. Rocco, pray for us (say three times)

Prayer to Saint Rocco (Patron Saint of Dogs)


Saint Rocco is venerated in the Roman Catholic Church as the protector against the plague and all contagious diseases.

Biographical information about St. Rocco:

Patron Saint of: bachelors, diseased cattle, dogs, falsely accused people, invalids, Istanbul, surgeons, tile-makers, gravediggers, second-hand dealers, pilgrims, apothecaries.