Pope visits family of former Gendarmerie Commander

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After concluding Tuesday afternoon’s session of the Synod for the Amazon, Pope Francis paid an unexpected visit to the home, inside Vatican City, of the former Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, Domenico Giani.

The Pope spent time talking to both his wife and daughter. Domenico Giano also has a son who lives in the United States. Pope Francis’ visit confirmed the appreciation he has already expressed towards Giani and his family.

Monday’s press release from the Holy See Press Office announcing Giani's resignation specified how the Pope had "expressed his appreciation to the Commander for his gesture, an expression of freedom and institutional sensitivity, which honours Commander Giani and the work he has carried out with humility and discretion in the service of the Petrine Ministry and the Holy See".

As already reported, the former Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie decided to resign, taking upon himself the objective responsibility for the information leak of 2 October that led to the circulation of an internal service note with photographs of five employees of the Holy See who had been suspended from service.

The Holy See Press Office statement stressed that “although the Commander bears no personal responsibility in the unfolding of the events, Domenico Giani has tendered his resignation to the Holy Father out of love for the Church and faithfulness to Peter’s Successor”.

During Tuesday evening’s visit to the former Commander’s home, Pope Francis again expressed his appreciation for the example given by Domenico Giani to the Gendarmerie Corps and others, during his twenty years of service to three Popes.

Source: Vatican News